Making Amature Radio Connections


Just start here http://sdr.w5tsu.net:8073

I have a new radio. I picked up a KiwiSDR (http://kiwisdr.com/) receiver from Seeed. (https://www.seeedstudio.com/KiwiSDR-Kit-p-2725.html).

The KiwiSDR was developed by the Funkamateur John Seamons ZL / KF6VO, is a branch of the OpenWebSDR project and realy started life as a kickstarter project.

This is the best HF (10kz-30mz) receiver I own. With the propagation so bad (its 2017) hams are using web based SDR receivers to make contacts. I share my SDR because I use other’s SDRs. Check out the list at (http://sdr.hu).

There a a couple of web based SDR servers out. The first I found was WebSDR.org. This is a sound card based SDR. Meaning, It receives left and right chanles as the quaditure IQ data from the sound card. This limits the band width the software can receive. To receive RF, most people use a down converter like the SoftRock (fivedash.com) tuned to the band they want to receive and feed the output the the sound card. With multipule receivers and sound cards WdbSDR can supply multipule bands to the web. Also you could downconvert any band.

I have two softrock receivers and the software for the WebSDR and I’m working on them. The KiwiSDR is up and running now. Why? Because it came out of the box working. It’s 100% plug and play.

I think I like the KiwiSDR more than the Websdr because it is fully open source. Both the hardware (https://github.com/jks-prv/KiwiSDR_PCB/tree/master/KiwiSDR) and software (https://github.com/jks-prv/Beagle_SDR_GPS) are avaible. So you could build your own or modify it for your needs. The web interface is written in Python. All you realy need to do is plug it in (power, antenna, network) and connect to it with a browser (Not IE). It boots into you’re wired network via DHCP.

I’ll be looping the my house to make a wire loop antenna for it. For now is has a 100 foot long wire attached.

Technical data: * Frequency range: 10KHz - 30MHz * Operating modes: AM, AMn, LSB, USB, CW, CWn, NBFM * Bandwidth filter: Adjustable between 50Hz - 10KHz * 30MHz low pass filter * 14bit ADC with 65MHz clock frequency * SMA RF antenna connection * 3.3V SMA connector for GPS active antenna

There are several places to purchase the KiwiSDR if you are intersted.

I purchased my SDR here. Amazon