Making Amature Radio Connections


Hello, my name is Mark (W5TSU). I hold a general license. I started amateur radio as KD5AMB (tech).

I love electronics. This website is my way of keeping notes for my self and sharing what I learn. You will also find documents to things I own or things I have owned and used. If you want to ask questions you can email me at mark at grennan.com.

I live in the central US. Besides amateur radio I also build and fly radio controlled aircraft (http://torks.org), write software (http://xastir.org) and make pen and ink watercolor art.

But this site is about my ham work.

Some pages you can expect to see here are:

My work on building a WebSDR server site to add to the work at http://websdr.org. I spend a lot of time lessing on KFS WebDSP at These are great sites to use as receiving station for nets. If you can’t hear a station direct you may be able to hear them in a WebSDR station near them or near someone who can hear them. I listen to Half Moon Bay (California) on 7253.0 weekdays at noon pst.

I’m also build an antenna for my shack. I’m slowly building a electronics lab. I’m studding for my amateur extra license. I’m studding software defined Radio (SDR).

More to come.